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Fuck OT.
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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
I like my cars and girls the same way. Let me explain. I love buying a car when it's almost new, well taken care of and has no major problems. I take care of my car. I baby it, make sure it's always healthy and has what it needs. When it comes to play time, I drive it like it's meant to be driven. I drive it long and hard. If I don't like how it performs, well, it's on to the next one.

I'm usually pretty easygoing with my cars. But when showtime comes, I deliver. I can squeeze all I want out of it as well as bring the climax down slowly.

Damn I want another girlfriend now.

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Lol i need grammar lesson in exchange for lessons on trolling internet forums. what i meant was yeah get a young virgin but if you cant get one then find one that has barely fucked and young, checked out by a doctor coolnot too crazy girl not saying i would never fucked a 33 yo single mom but it would be a very rare case and she would have to be off the hook. 33 yo single mom working at bank branch=damaged/wrecked
LOL just read my posts, man. Grammatically perfect

I'm talking to this 30 year old mom in Canada. She's got three kiddies.
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This just in: @[Verbiage](contact:82449) is confirmed to be the most savage person on this site. Can't go into details but I will say, he is one smooth SOB. Haha