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Originally Posted by Mahmood07 View Post
Remember they are all arab so its about defending fellow Arabs not just because they are muslims. I don't know what 9/11 has to do with this and i see nothing wrong with building a mosque next to ground zero. Im sorry for your loss, but people have to understand that most of the muslim world are against what happened in 9/11 and that their actions doesn't define our religion. What happened to freedom of religion anyways? When i pass a synagogue i dont connect that to what the jews in israel are doing to our people. I dont have anything against jews, just zionists. So don't hate on islam, hate on extremists.
There is nothing wrong with freedom of religion but I think the world is getting tired of a religion that has caused so much chaos through out the world. Bottom line is this. Those peace activists could have landed in Egypt and avoided all this drama but instead they had to go through Israel with known terrorists sponsered by a terrorist group that is even classified as a terrorist organization in Turkey.

Everywhere you look you cant offend muslims. Everywhere you look we have to be politcally correct otherwise muslims might be offended. The issue that most people on this forum as well as through out the US will not admit to because they are afraid of how they will be viewed is that islam is causing most of the worlds problems. What interests me is this. If infadels say anything about mohamed or draw him they are condemed and a fatwa is issued against them. Take for example Theo Van Gogh. He was murdered because he made a film called Submission about woman in Islam and how they are treated. Say something to offend and you get killed. And werent the writers of south park threatened as well. However its ok for muslims in the middle east to portray films about christians and jews as evil and bringers of disease and death. Its ok for films to be made showing a woman killing israelis. Its ok for jews to be portrayed in films in the middle east showing them killing christians babies for their blood to make food for passover. Now thats funny. I dont see anyone going after those film makers.