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Originally Posted by mphatic View Post
Well maybe I'm not interpreting your question correctly (if so I apologize) but you seem to imply that you have ordered a car in the $65K to $75K neighborhood without even the most rudimentary knowledge of what you're doing and that gets you a from me. I have no idea whether you're a teenager pretending to be getting a e9x or using daddy's $$ to get one or are so wealthy that you spend that kind of money without knowing what you're doing but it is unfathomable to me that you bought an M3 without knowing what "over invoice" means and whether you should be looking at it.

It's rather amusing when someone plays the fool and then gets indignant about it when they are seen as such

teenager? i'm 35 years old, coming off of a 335i lease excuse me for not knowing the what the fuck over invoice is. pretending???? - I posted a screen shot of my online account when I first said hello here sorry but not everyone hangs out on a message board and is supposed to fucking know ed delivery and how to track a fucking boat coming to the dock or what over invoice means , I go to my dealer tell him i want to pay no more then $950 a mo for a fully loaded e93 with tax 15k a year 36 mos thats what i do.