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Originally Posted by Mahmood07 View Post
What is up with people supporting Israel in this case? stop being biased just because you hate Islam..This has nothing to do with Islam. Since when does someone become a terrorist for fighting israel, thats not called terrorism, its standing up for one's right and fighting for your freedom and homeland. People here are forgetting that Israel is the terrorist state. Open your eyes people:
Interesting you say that.....since 90% of the middle east would love to get rid of Israel. Or as the leader of Iran said "wipe Israel of the map". All these muslim countries in the middle east cry for the palestinians however why dont they let them into their countries. I mean why isnt jordan allowing them in or egypt allowing them in. There must be a reason. Furthermore Gaza is on the Egyptian side of Israel and the West bank is on the Jordanian side. Israel won that land in the 67 war which was really started by egypt, jordan and syria which all 3 lost to Israel but thats another story when you are out manned 30-1. Kind of pathetic if you ask me but thats another story for another time. Anyway do you mean to tell me that Palis lived in Egypt and Jordan and then by some miracle the Israelis won that land and now it belongs to them????

Mahmood and if you dont think this is about Islam then either you are smart or delusional. By the way the only muslim country in europe that israel is allies with is France LOL. French riots, spanish bombing, plane hi jackings. hmmm catholics or jews. Sorry wrong religion. Ah I remember now who it was but I wont say it for it might offend islam. Can you imagine if we offend islam?

Oh and just so you know a large islamic foundation based in the Middle East is helping to pay for a HUGE mosque 2 blocks away from Ground Zero in NYC. It will have classrooms, pools, praying sections, restaurants and areas to speak to imams if people would like to learn more about islam (converting them). Right next to GROUND ZERO. Isnt that where 3000+ people were killed by islamic radicals as well as police officers and fire fighters. I think it is. And the libertards of NYC might allow them to build it because if they dont they might offend muslims in NY however the families of 9-11 victims have no say so in this matter. Mahmood my cousin was killed in 9-11. I dont want a mosque there so that everytime I drive by I have to be reminded of what happened there or my aunt has to cry every time she drives by. I dont hate muslims....I just dislike them for the way things are going around in the world. Every time something happens we have to watch out what we say as not to offend you.