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By the way regarding the ships delivering aid to Gaza, why didn't they just go to the Egyptian ports and enter Gaza that way. It is only an extra 50 miles and then their goods could have been delivered and non of this chaos would have happened. Now I'm no genious however I think this was done purposely so as to provoke the Israelis into doing what they did. I dont think the terrorists aboard that ship really cared if any civilians got killed. They sit there and hide behind them and if a civilian gets killed then al-jazeera broadcasts it on tv and says look at what the Israelis did.

So far the countries that are siding with Israel are, the US, Czech Republic, Norway, Italy, France. More and more countries will come out and support Israel. Many of them are just tired of the islamic radicals and the way muslims are acting in their countries.

If I went to Saudi Arabia with my wife I would have to adhere to their laws and customs. So why dont they adhere to our laws and customs. Maybe its because they would like to over populate and take over eventually. At least thats my opinion. Sooner of later all will back fire and realize certain things and wake up