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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
What about Amadou Diallo? The NYPD has shown it has a history of abusing deadly force.
Mistaken deadly force happens in every major city. And I'm not saying it is right. Every ones life (unless they are child molesters, rapists or murders) is valuable. But when a cop says stop and hands dont reach for your wallet or anything else for that matter. Granted the cops in the Bell case had alcohol in their system so I will not use them in this example. By the way I'm not a cop. That being said cops are walking targets on a daily basis. What we dont hear is the physical abuse cops get on a daily basis or how many times cops are shot at. Those statistics are never reported by the media because they arent interesting. Even the cops who have been shot and killed in NYC dont get the same coverage that dead perps receive. Here is an example. Two cops were shot and 1 was killed at point blank range 2 years ago. And one of the perps got off.

The NYPD has a history of abuse but for every case of deadly force that was not justified there has been plenty of documented and undocumented cases of physical force against cops and plenty of deadly incidents against cops as well. Its funny how when you need the cops they are your friend but the moment they leave or do something someone doesnt like its "fuckin assholes"