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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
CF is a structural material. It is used in critical strength, stiffness and weight savings applications. Personally, having CF trim is such a huge contradiction I would not go for it. Totally "ricer" IMO. Metal trims may have been big in the 90s but I think still look quite good. Brushed stainless/aluminum is a totally classic/timeless finish for both architecture and automobiles IMO. I only wish they were real metal, or at least a thin layer of real metal. The quality of the "aluminum" trim in BMWs does not really seem up to par.

I wouldn't 'choose' it as trim. It works really well in my CSL because it reminds me of all the Carbon Fibre used in the structure of the car, and because the whole car's philosophy is lightweight. Using carbon fibre merely for aesthetic reasons is just false.

But if (as in the CSL) you are surrounded by CF materials then it makes the car feel very special. I even went out and bought a Scott CF mountain-bike to match..:rocks: