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Originally Posted by Should be Working View Post
If it isn't going to be an option on the M3 then it probably will be on the 335i, which will further close the gap between the 2 in a straight line. Are we hearing opinions here or do we have forum members who are on the M3 design team? With respect to all I would like to know what qualifies anyone to cite M division philosophy and how they know the philosophy hasn't developed/progressed with the new M3. Who's to say we wouldn't enjoy driving an M3 with switchable 4 wheel drive?

There have been several interviews with Ulrick Brunche (ex-head of M division) plus other senior BMW representatives that have clearly stated their design criteria. Sometimes when you ask BMW representatives a direct question they become all cagey (implying there might be a possibility), but whenever they have been asked about 4WD, turbocharging or in fact the possibility of an M-division SUV the answers have allways been emphatically NO!

M GmbH are also allowed a good deal of latitute to go their own way (against other BMW practices) such as removal of run-flats on the M5/M6s and they are clearly tasked with creating the best 'drivers cars' within the BMW range.