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BMW M launches M Power Driverís Cup and M Power Circuit Training

BMW M division has launched the M Power Driver's Cup and M Power Circuit Training for BMW M owners, each of which lasts two days. Unfortunately for North American M enthusiasts, these two driving events appear to take place only in Germany. Hopefully some of our European members will participate and allow us to enjoy the experience vicariously. Details below:

For M drivers and BMW M3 GTS customers.

BMW M Power Driver’s Cup and BMW M Power Circuit Training.

Anyone who feels the urge to drive their own BMW M through the Eifel after the sensational 24-hour race at the NŁrburgring now has the opportunity to do just that - at the M Power Driver’s Cup and the M Power Circuit Training.

BMW Driver Training has created two events of a highly sporty nature, each of which lasts two days. Owners of a BMW M can sound out the limits of their own BMW M under the professional guidance of experienced instructors.

A special highlight: both training programs are offered exclusively for owners of the brand new BMW M3 GTS.

M Power Driver’s Cup:
After covering the physics of driving in detailed theory sessions on the first day, the second day is spent on the race track. Here the program starts with a number of guided laps behind the pace car before the theory is put into practice with intense free driving. The climax of the day is provided by two evenness tests which require participants to achieve a constant, reproducible driving style - as in the long distance competition GLP/VLN. The winner gets to ride in a BMW M3 GT4 which has been tried and tested on the Nordschleife.

All M models with road registration are eligible to take part - including output-enhanced and historical M models. Participants start in different classes. The tyres, chassis, brakes and exhaust system of the vehicles must be in line with road licensing regulations.
There is an emergency service at hand for technical problems but this cannot replace thorough preparation of the participating vehicles. For this reason we recommend a thorough technical check-up prior to attending - not just for typical wear-and-tear parts such as tyres and brakes. In addition to a valid driving licence, drivers must also bring along a helmet and if necessary a co-driver.

For further details see BMW Driver Training website.

M Power Circuit Training:
On the NŁrburgring sprint track M racing enthusiasts can make the most of their car’s sporty potential. At this event it is also possible to acquire the national DMSB A licence, which entitles holders to take part in the relevant racing events.

The exercises performed at the M Power Circuit Training focus on perfect vehicle control, there is no competition as such since this is provided by the M Power Driver’s Cup. Participants are required to wear helmets in keeping with the sporty character of the event. All drivers an M model with road registration can take part, no matter which year of construction. Anyone who does not wish to subject their beloved BMW M to material-intensive drift exercises can make use of one of the BMW M3 provided.

Safety first is a priority at the M Power Circuit Training. For this reason vehicles are given a technical inspection before being allowed on the race track. All changes to the vehicle must be listed according to road traffic licensing regulations or a general operating license must be available. An emergency technical service is available at the M Power Circuit Training, but participants are nonetheless responsible for ensuring that their BMW M is fit for the race track.

As at all BMW Driver Training events, food and drink is provided. Dinner will be served in the BMW VIP Lounge in the start/finish tower.

All dates and further details of the M Power Circuit Training are also available on the BMW Driver Training website.
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