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My car is DEAD, help please.

I started this thread over at however have not received any help yet.

I have done some research on this subject, and came across a thread that is very very similar to mine. If you watch the video, my car does the exact same thing, except my battery hasnt completely drained, and I have a charger on it when needed.

Here is that thread:

I have been driving my car and it has been running great, then Saturday morning I jump in it to run an errand. I push down on the clutch, turn the key, and they car turns over and over and over just like in the video, but the engine does not run. It doesn't stumble, misfire or anything, just nothing.

I am in the process of replacing the spark plugs (needed to be done anyways) and going through the engine bay looking for clues.

Question. When you get in your car and turn your key forward (not start) do you hear a brief whining sound? It comes from the rear and I have always assumed it was the Fuel Pump. Am I correct, because if I am, I can still hear the fuel pump, just as I always have. I can even smell a bit of fuel out of the exhaust from the engine turning over. I suppose I need to check my fuel pump fuse and the rest of the fuses. I will do that momentarily.

This leads me to believe a few things. Its not a bad fuel pump, or starter as I would not be able to smell the fuel or feel the compression (exhaust pumps) when the car is trying to start and turning over (thus the starter is doing its job). I dont believe it to be my battery because as I stated the battery has not even drained yet even after multipule attempts. All electrical components in the car work (windows, radio etc).

If I leave the car key forward, my SES light is on the dash, but its always on the dash until the car starts, so I dont know what clues that may give me. I do not have a code reader and at the moment I am trying hard not to have to tow it some where. I may have someone I can borrow one from but right now I'm with a car.

Lastly, about two weeks ago I was driving in traffic about 40 mph and my car went to limp mode. I pulled over and restarted the car. Car went right back to normal and has since that incident. I believed I threw the fault by not downshifting to a better gear and giving a bit too much gas in an attempt to pass into the other lane. Not sure.

Thank you to anyone who has insight to this issue. I am frantically looking for options. If you are anywhere in the Lake Mary Florida area and want a few cold beers, I could use a helping hand.



Here is a link to my original thread on M3 forums which I continue to update with each test I have performed.