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you know he kills little girls like you
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Originally Posted by mpimping View Post
Beating the shit out of someone. sourdiesel and winning a huge pot at the poker table. stacking someone who bluffed yoi earlier like this clown flopped a straight w a royal flush draw and i hit top set so i shipped it and he called and the board paired on the river, so great

Getting in a fight and winning handily.

The high imparted from smoking a strain of cannibis known as sour diesel.

Taking all of someone's chips who bluffed you earlier during a poker game.

Not long ago while playing poker, I ran into a hand where my opponent flopped a straight with a royal flush draw. I flopped the top set, or the highest possible three of a kind. Having such a strong hand I went all in. He called, the flop was uneventful, but the community cards paired on the river giving me a full house, and thus beating his straight. It felt wonderful, but I must admit I was lucky.

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