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Rashad v Rampage... What a fight!!

Props to Rashad for going in and getting the job done. He looked like the more complete fighter and I think he's earned a title shot against Shogun. I think his speed gave him a huge advantage and he seemed to control the fight every time they went into the clinch. In the 3rd round Rampage rocked him but he didn't capitalise on it, similar to what Thiago Silva did in the 3rd round against Rashad. I think the clinch work and wrestling was a part of Rashad's game plan because Rampage looked completely gassed by the end of the fight. The fight definitely lived up to the expectation, I was really on the fence about this one but Rashad nearly won the fight easily.

The highlight of the card was the Todd Duffy fight where he got KO'd. Surely that will be remembered as one of the all time greatest fights. Also, the lil Nog decision was questionable imo. All in all, a good card.

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