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[quote=Manz_UK;738952]E-mail from EVO magazine says....

The cars you're not allowed to see until then are the new BMW M3 and the Bentley Brooklands, both of which are to be unveiled at this year's Geneva show. BMW even specified the time at which you are allowed to see the new M3 (it's 18:30 GMT to be exact), but that's taking this embargo nonsense a little too far in my view, as this is well after the time the car will be revealed to the press at the show.


Well as you would expect, I have been working with EVO putting together a few factoids ready for a launch article covering Geneva. We do not know for sure that it will be there, but like most magazines it has been given proper attention.

I can't tell you more than that, however there is an interesting angle to the story that will be worth reading (and that very little interweb chatter has focused on thus far).