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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post

You have a bad attitude that does not serve any useful purpose.

Stating accurate info. with references is not defensive at all it's enlightening for those who want to learn. I tried to explain to you technical information which you obvious don't understand and then you take it personally and post inappropriate barbs because you don't understanding the physics involved and thus have a closed mind on the subject.

It's acceptable to respectifully disagree with someone without the cheap shots that are a technically and socially ignorant retort.
Ah yes, I have a bad attitude - well if wanting to see a fellow M3 owner/enthusiast gets some useful info for the first day tracking their M3 so they can go out and not worry and enjoy themselves give me a bad attitude - Guilty as charged and I can live with that.

Perhaps you should go back and read your posts. Just because I suggested to not starting your pressures above the OEM pressures (which is my opinion, and apparently the opinion of others that have replied to this thread as well) for an M3 you get your knickers in a twist and get defensive and suggest that because someone is getting 10psi or so gain in their tires they are over diving their car. I have made no mention of your driving ability or lack there of nor have I suggested that the generic info you have posted is useless. I (and others) who have tracked their M3's have given our experience and recommendation that seems to work for this car.

Your babel about operating temperatures etc is all fun and nice, but we are talking about M3's not FWD cars which you seem to have an fascination with.

Perhaps you can relate to us your M3 specific tracking experience and the pressures and tires and set up of your car. I guarantee you that members here with find that info much more useful. You seem to like to hear yourself speak or see your words on a screen so make some thread and knock yourself out. Sorry I am not hanging off your every word but I can go to any tire manufacturing website or track site and get the generic info you provided over and over and over again.

Please enlighten us oh wise one. Sorry for raining on your parade......

Bad attitude signing out! (someone please remind me where the ignore user option is for this site! )

PS - read through the threads, you will find that there is a lot of very experienced racers/lappers in this forum who can provide a wealth of knowledge that is very useful for our cars (I am in no way suggesting that I am one of them). In my experience learning from those that can and do, is much more valuable than any text book or marketing material. You never know you might learn something!