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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Yep, been to a couple of USGPs at Indy where the crowds were less than huge. I'm not saying it's anybody's fault but Bernie's. He's crafted an image of elitism and snobbery around F1 in which the USA does not fit.

Look at MotoGP. When they come to Indy it sells out - something F1 never achieved. When they go to Laguna Seca it sells out. MotoGP is the F1 of motorcycle racing. What's the difference? MotoGP's image isn't crafted as some kind of ultra pretentious snob fest.
Didn't know that about MotoGP at Indy. F1 attracted crowds of 100-120,000 or so. So MotoGP filled the place? Isn't that like 250,000 (probably less because not all seats are open due to track configuration?)?