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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Sorry, but AoC was shit. It was fundamentally flawed in that cast classes just cast like normal in any other games, where as melee had to stand on one leg, jump through a flaming hoop, and then balance a ball on their nose just to get a combo that did decent damage off.

Spell weaving should have been how normal casters played, but they completed failed at getting that right.
A lot has been changed since launch. Melee doesn't have to finish long combos anymore to compete in PvP and casting has been morphed as well. Their Alternate Advancement system is something refreshingly different, and their PvP content is being tended to finally.

A big thing that people get turned off about on AoC is that it's actually difficult to master many of the classes. It doesn't try to be an "any idiot on the street can be leet in no time" game. This won't ever allow it to be the "next WoW" or have any footprint even anywhere near the size of WoW, but I'd rather it didn't. I think the "WoW effect" has hurt the game a bit, trying to dumb things down and simplify to compete, and that sucks. It got away from its PvP roots in the meantime, and for a while we had mediocre PvE content with neglected but great PvP content in theory only, all the while casters were being simplified to the point where they were prone to having multiple IWIN buttons. There were a lot of growing pains there, but it's starting to look up, finally, after two years....

Project Hydra might be the next WoW; we'll see. It may or it may not. Like I said, the ball's in their court to screw it up. They don't really have to come out with anything revolutionary to keep their numbers up. I haven't read up much on Hydra, but I'm hoping it uses a better combat engine, and I hope they get away from the overly-cartoonish theme. But I think my preferences differ from the mainstream.

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