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Originally Posted by Hawk Lax View Post
Below is from Wikipedia
Indeed I read that before.

The key difference is in both hardness and macroscopic feel.

Sandpaper is sand or even harder carbide. The melamine is basically plastic. Sure the microstructure makes the cells stronger but it is plastic. That is a far cry from sand or carbide.

Also significant is the feel to your hand at the macroscopic level. The Eraser feels softs. Heck if it felt anything like sandpaper I don't think anyone in their right mind would use it on nice soft leather.

I am confident much of the "magic" of this product is simply as a cleaner - its ability to get at the contaminants on a microscale, lift AND most importantly TRAP them.

I think we all more or less agree here. The product can work wonders on badly soiled, greasy or shiny leather. It is slightly abrasive and should be used gently. It also should not be part of a regular cleaning or detailing program.

As an aside I am still unclear and interested in what exactly gets removed and damaged in a typical automotive leather product by extreme abrasion. Is there really something on the leather in analogous to a clear coat on paint?
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