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Originally Posted by lib View Post
Yes. There is. You have to remember that no one who lives in Austin actually grew up in TX.

Yes. I know, I know. It's Texas. I used to share your thoughts on Texas.

I grew up in NY. I've lived on both coasts. I used to swear I would never permanently move out of the North East. I was extremely skeptical about moving to Austin. In the end I learned none of what I was told about Texas actually applied to Austin. I was simply ignorant about the area and so are you.

Now, if they had chosen any other part of Texas...

Everyone agrees that NY & LA would have made sense. The problem is neither of those cities are able to do what needs to be done to get F1.

3 of the top 10 largest cities in the US and >22 million people are within 180 miles of Austin.

It's certainly no NY, but if we're honest neither is anywhere else in the world.

Interesting points, didn't know this about Austin. I guess we will have to cross our fingers and hope that the Texas demographics can keep hopes of a U.S. Grand Prix alive.

I wonder what went wrong with Monticello or Watkins Glen, perhaps they just couldn't gather up the necessary funding?