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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
The only places in the USA that Bernie would ever deal with for F1:

Miami (broke)
Las Vegas
NYC (which is completely out of the running, there would be riots in the streets if Bloomberg paid 100+ million in taxpayer money for an F1 race)
Indianapolis (if tony george goes away)
NorCal (Laguna Seca or Infineon)

It's just not gonna happen anywhere else.

Laguna and Infineon are pretty unlikely - Laguna would need to be significantly widened to meet F1 requirements, new facilities would be needed, etc.

Bernie only wants to deal with places where government money can freely be poured in to build tracks and pay his fees. That eliminates pretty much everywhere in the USA except Vegas, honestly.

And you're high as a kite if you think Bernie would ever set one of his snobbish, Prada-clad toes into Texas. F1 is all about snob appeal, and nothing is less appealing to snobs than Americans. Especially Texans. The Eurosnobs would say that Bernie may as well call it the Wal Mart Grand Prix.

Just because hicks do not like Formula 1, does not mean it has 'snob' appeal.

Have you ever been to a Formula 1 Grand Prix? Have you met with the local demographic at one?

My guess is "No" to both, unless you spent all of your time in the Paddock sipping Mumm and talking about your portfolio.