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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post

You seem to be taking the comments personally and there is no need to. If you don't understand the point that the tire doesn't care what car it's mounted on maybe you should read a vehicle dynamics reference and get up to speed on the friction circle and tire loads. The laws of physics don't change by car. A tire does not know or care what car it is on. All it cares about is the loads it must deal with. The loads are different for different cars, tires, tracks, etc. This isn't theory it's reality. That is why you test to determine what works best.

No one can tell the OP what the "optimal" tire pressure is for his tires as it varies by tire, car, track, ambient temp, etc. All anyone can do is give the OP a recommended starting point. From there he should test to determine what works best for him. In my track cars I run four different tire pressures because that is what the tires want for a given track configuration, tire loads, weight distribution, etc. the tire makers give your recommended tire pressures based on real world testing. They give you a safe range to start in for testing.
I am actually not taking anything personally - get over yourself - sounds like you are though. I am not the one looking for advice and could care less about yours. (sorry if that hurts your feelings) I don't know you and could care less about you or if you like what I have to post. My pet peeve is watching someone post info on a forum to someone who is looking for some advice. OP mentions this is his first time tracking his M3 - best advice is going to be to give real life examples are here from people who actually track an M3, not just regurgitate info they have read or plagiarize from a website. If this is his first day tracking the car, reality is he may not even have enough track time to find optimal for the track conditions, but at least he will be further along and better prepared with the info others have offered.

I find that there are a lot of very experienced forum members which offer great advice based on real life experience on this forum. Sorry your not one of them. (and for the record, I don't care if my opinion or advice matters to other people, maybe that's the difference between you and I) It certainly doesnt take much to get you on the defensive - quite fun actually!