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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
That's why I tell people to run the tire pressures that make them happy...

I run the tire pressure that make my tires happy and then I'm happy.

I'm not ignoring the vehicle or driver. The tire simply doesn't care what the vehicle is or who is driving. All the tire cares about is the forces imposed on it. A basic vehicle dynamics primer such as Herb Adams' "Chassis Engineering", Fred Puhn's "How to make you car handle", etc. may help people btter understand the relationship between tire loads, pressures and performance?

The tire engineers that develop the tire pressure recommendations do so by actual instrumented track testing with professional drivers. They don't just pull numbers out of the air. You will notice that the heavier the vehicle the higher the recommended tire pressure. That is because the load capacity of the tire increases with pressure. So if you're running a heavier car you want higher tire pressures to handle the loads. That is why Hoosier, BFG and other tire companies provide nice technical info. on getting the most from your performance tires for track use. Accurate testing and a pyrometer give you the answers to what is the optimal tire pressure, camber settings, etc. Without careful testing and data gathering you're just guessing.
If you cant recognize that there is a direct correlation here - enjoy your theory and marketing info and have fun at the track. Many of us in the M3 track section of the forum like to feedback on real life instances as that's what really matters. Car specific information not just marketing and text book info. The OP asked about tracking his E90 M3 not <insert other car here>. For some reason you fail to see or comprehend this.

But thanks for the info - I am sure some find it interesting - just doesn't answer the OP's question or seem to be the experience of the other track goers here.