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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
3cities >22mill? The whole state has 24mill(2009).....
While I was quoting a figure I read elsewhere it's actually fairly close.

2010 numbers put the state population just over 25.3 million. 22.2 million of those are in various metro areas. Virtually all of those are spread between Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and their suburbs.

Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Of the top 25 metro populated areas CA alone has 5. <...>
Then consider 3 more larger cities on the west coast in addition to the 37mill in CA:

Phoenix Metro: 4,281,900(2008 Wiki)
Portland Metro: 2,159,720(2009 Wiki)
Seattle Metro : 3,407,848(2009 Wiki)
I completely agree that CA has a large population (it's a fact) but counting the area from San Diego to Seattle, San Fransisco to Phoenix in order to inflate the numbers is a bit of a stretch. People who are going to spend $500+ on a race ticket aren't going to spend 20 hours in a car - they'll fly. Once you're forced to fly it no longer matters whether you're flying 500 miles or 1500.

You also may not want to use the list of the top 25 cities by population as your measure. TX has 6, CA has 4

In the end it really doesn't matter. There are more than enough people in all of the regions discussed here to easily support F1.

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