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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Actually it does - you need to be aware of what the max psi rating is for your tire. I would not recommend starting your pressure at 40 psi for the OEM PS2's for example which is max 50 psi - I usually started mine around 31-33 and after a session they generally get to around 40 and seemed to perform fine although the get a little greasy after 4 or 5 laps. I have seen tire temps start at 31-33 and go as high as 45psi which in my opinion is too high for this tire and this car which leads to premature wear and lots of oversteer (although that can be lots of fun )
That's my experience too. I usually start at 30-32 or 31-33 (cold). On a very hot track, I have indeed seen 10+ psi differences between hot and cold, and I agree that the PS2's don't work very well above 40 hot.

I don't think you can avoid the "greasiness" on a hot day. It's just a limitation of the design. If the air temp is 85, then it's likely to happen.