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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
All of the tire companies tell you to use more pressure for the track than street pressures and to start high and adjust as necessary, due to the increased loads placed on a tire on track. A tire's load capacity is a direct function of tire pressure.

You can do whatever makes you happy. People ignore good technical information all the time based on perception instead of actual objective scientific testing like tire engineers conduct. It makes absolutely no difference to me what pressures you run. I just try to provide technically accurate information for those who want it. What people do with it is completely their decision.

BTW, a tire doesn't know or care what vehicle it is on. All it cares about is the loads placed on it. You can damage a tire on any vehicle with improper pressures or driving style.
No kidding - but weight and the type of car their mounted to is a very important factor - one which you have ignored. Not all tires perform well on all cars at the track.

I know what you are trying to say. I know many say increasing tire pressures by aprox. 10% above the cars specs. Again not all cars are going to have the same spec for the same tire. Unfortunately Theory and Reality are not often the same. I am not suggesting the info you have stated is not valid or accurate - just stating doesn't work in all instances and we are talking about M3's and their not exactly light. The driver's style is also going to have an impact as well - and that has nothing to do with over driving.