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Originally Posted by lib View Post
.....3 of the top 10 largest cities in the US and >22 million people are within 180 miles of Austin.

It's certainly no NY, but if we're honest neither is anywhere else in the world.
3cities >22mill? The whole state has 24mill(2009).....

NY is an excellent choice no doubt, but to not consider CA on weather alone???

Just look at the numbers:

CA State Pop: 36,961,664(2009 US Census)
NY State Pop: 19,541,453(2009 US Census)
TX State Pop: 24,782,302(2009 US Census)

Of the top 25 metro populated areas CA alone has 5. East coasters still can choose to go to the Candian GP, or even the British GP if you really wanted. Us west coasters got nothing even remotely close.
Then consider 3 more larger cities on the west coast in addition to the 37mill in CA:

Phoenix Metro: 4,281,900(2008 Wiki)
Portland Metro: 2,159,720(2009 Wiki)
Seattle Metro : 3,407,848(2009 Wiki)

If you want to go strictly on population density, Indainapolis actually is a good choice, but the city still sucks. The bars suck! The restaurants suck! It just plain sucks!
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