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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
it actually stated for racing only on there bf when i got it but maybe they have changed it i haven't looked

i have FL plates so that is how i get away with the no cats for street use bc down there is no inspection for cars so pretty much anything flies down there.

as for the power it is def sweet and so much of a difference then just the rear section like you said. this was the best mod for me so far in terms of power,sound, and overall satisfaction. i may have to get NY plates soon then i am gonna have to figure something out bc i am not sure if i can get away with no cats for the inspection up here

if you can't get this one bc of the laws check out the Akra midpipe, it makes about the same power i believe but has cats. not sure if it will sound the same but a member on here has the akra mid and rear but with a Dinan tune and he loves it and said it sounds great. Stalker is the member and he is up near you so maybe he can tell you what you can get away with law wise and if you guys are close maybe you can listen to it
Went to DINAN today and drove a stock M3 E93 and then their recently landed DEMO 2011 M3 E93 with pully, intake, software and exhaust with the racing pipes. Absolutely loved the sound of the exhaust and intake combination. However, for my DD I think the racing pipes are just a little two loud for me. However, I liked them more after the 15 minute drive then I did when I first heard them suggesting I would love them most of the time. Even though I think I will skip the racing pipes.

If I wasn't so concerned about the impact on warranty overall I think I would go with PowerChip software and AA for the rest just for the added HP and I did quite like their signature exhaust. Alas I am not quite ready to go it potentially alone.

My 2011 M3 will be ready for pick up in about two weeks and I will start the mods in August.

Thanks for your help input.

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