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Might be just a "presentation" and not the actual car ... a running video or maybe they jus gonna be more vague about the car ... i personally feel if the M3 was gonna be there there would have mentioned ... M3 concept or something... and not be vague bout it ... think about it good for the show as well if they just mentioned it ... i hope it is there, but that press release is a bit sad

E-mail from EVO magazine says....

The cars you're not allowed to see until then are the new BMW M3 and the Bentley Brooklands, both of which are to be unveiled at this year's Geneva show. BMW even specified the time at which you are allowed to see the new M3 (it's 18:30 GMT to be exact), but that's taking this embargo nonsense a little too far in my view, as this is well after the time the car will be revealed to the press at the show.

interestingly they go on to say....

I blame the internet for all the nervousness that surrounds new car reveals today. In the old days we used to do a photo shoot, design the feature, send the whole lot off to the printer and, finally, bundle the mags up ready for distribution. The whole process took around two weeks.
But with the advent of digital photography and the appearance of hundreds of voracious car websites around the world, a carefully crafted car reveal can be wrecked by a couple of clicks on a computer.
The industry has responded by burrowing deeper underground and releasing less and less information to the media on the run-up to a new model.