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i hate the toll road!

Originally Posted by lib View Post
It's all hearsay at the moment but here's what I've been hearing:
  • World on the street is that they were looking at/working with 2 or 3 different locations all in the South East corner of the city.
  • I heard a soundbite yesterday from some local official claiming the sight isn't being announced because a real estate deal has yet to be finalized.
  • Someone from the production company that worked to bring it to Austin stated that it would be located within 10 miles of the airport.
  • The current popular assumption is that this will be built somewhere along TX-130.
    • It's a small expressway loop on the East side of town that passes the airport and several undeveloped properties that are more than large enough for this track.
    • 130 connects to the primary North-South that travels between Dallas, Austin and San Antonio as well as the routes between Houston and Austin.
    • There are very few people living on that side of town. All of the money and influence is in the rolling hills on the West side of town.
    • A few of the undeveloped plots of land in that general area are elevated and have a good view of downtown and the hills to the West.

If we simply look at the undeveloped/underdeveloped areas within 10 miles of the airport you're left with this:,0.475845&z=11