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Is ED worth it if I can't vacation?

Hi guys, been lurking for a while and finally decided to post to get your opinions. First off, I wanted to say how incredible this board is, I have learned so much in a short span (such as the existence of ED).

Now on to my question: I am looking to sell my 08 E92 335xi and pick up a 2011 M3 and like everyone else I am looking for the best deal possible. ED is obviously the way to go, however my question is because of work this year, I will be pretty much unable to get any sort of extended vacation. I know part of ED is not only the price, but the experience of picking up your car and driving it in Europe. I can at best get 4 days of vacation, and that includes the week-end (I work in the Financial Services industry, and we're going through some crazy stuff this year).

If my primary driver is to get the best deal possible, am I better off just ordering my car at a dealership and hopefully get a nice deal somewhere in So Cal? While doing an ED is great, I will still have to pony for 2 plane tickets, hotel, meals etc...At that point after expenses, is the cost difference all that great? If I could get a week or two off from work, ED would be a no brainer but the best I can muster this year is flying to Germany, picking up the car, drive it for a day, then drop it off for shipment. Any feedback is really appreciated!