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Protection a good idea ...

I'm in the process of having the clear protection on the front end, extends to part of the front wheel wells, and mirrors, and a paint protection (applied by hand apparently) on my "new" (pre-owned) 2004 M3 Cab (pick it up Tuesday). I think it money well spent, to keep the car as it was meant to be (and resale too).

My wife suggested I get a pre-owned M3 to, as she put "live my dream" instead of goin' nuts waiting for my 2008 M3 with a probable delivery date in 2009. I had expected the M3 to be an extension of my 330ci but during the test drive I found out this is not the case, it really is a different car. When does the excitement die down so I can sleep again at night?

I have been checking into a laser jammer/radar detector but getting mixed reviews. I had one in 2001 and it "talked" all the time in the city (it had city and highway modes - installed by BMW) and didn't stop me from getting tickets on the highway. Has the technology improved? Any thoughts on a model and portable vs. installed?