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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
Nice write up and good understanding of the car's reaction to shock changes. Many times shocks have excessive rebound which lifts the inside wheel causing loss of grip and the inability to put power down on exit without an LSD. It feels good but it's not the best set-up. By dialing in the proper bump damping you reduce the need for excess rebound damping and thus allow the tires to stay in contact with the road surface. It's all good!

The reduced body roll from the stiffer springs combined with the negative camber will make the tires stick and wear better. With R-comps you may need to adj. the shocks a click or two?
Thanks! I'm expecting to have to make some adjustments with the r-comps, but I couldn't run them last week for logistical reasons, so I used the PS2's instead.

I'm out again, on the r-comps this time, on the 17th of June. More write-up then.