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Originally Posted by XiaoDeeDeee View Post
XEX is basically the .exe (executable) for an XBOX game or application. If you modify it at it's core then you basically have a cracked XEX. I am sure you've heard of game cracks for PC games: same idea.

For this type of modding, however, you will need a JTAG 360. These cost anywhere between $160 - $220. Another downside is that if you play unsigned or improperly signed code online...that's just askin' for a ban.

Game saving modding is much more affordable and practical. Hardware wise you need ONLY a $9 data transfer cable (or free if you are a saavy telephone speaker to XBOX Live CSR). Then you just need to learn a few things and you can start modding immediately! Of course people will complain when a maxxed out character appears online when the game's only been released for a few minutes but who cares, that's part of the fun..and once you get interested and do the research you can unban yourself (if and when it happens but life's short, who the eff cares) and keep goin'!

I'd be happy to teach you at my leisure (don't have much of it atm) but as surely as you know how to browse e90post and use code in the BB editor to make things bold or create smilies, you can edit game saves.

It is not difficult at all. This will start you off.
Thanks, but I got it for PS3...