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Originally Posted by John@BMW View Post
Jesus Christ people- this is rediculous.

Don and I have not spoken in 10 days about the wheels- Im NOT hiding from anyone! Don has had my cell phone and my work number the entire time and he never called me.

I told him that I would find him some hub rings for the wheels and send them immediately! Unfortunately, no one sells the correct hub rings for this application which is why it is taking me so long to find a set. I know I shipped the wheels with 4 hub rings- Why would I keep just 2 rings and not 4? I dont know where the 2 rings went but Don does not have them and I do not have them.

Leaving out the milled part was an honest mistake! Yes, a mistake that I am admitting and paying for dearly here. Everything else is out of my control. I dont know what happened to the rings and I dont know why those wheels fit fine on my car not on other m3s.

I sold the wheels because I NEED the money! Something is medically wrong with me and I am in a LOT of debt right now because of that. I sold the wheels to pay for bills, NOT to just sit on the money. That is the reason why I have no money to offer a refund. I would gladly give him a refund if i had the money.

Don, if there is anything you want off my car or any other way I can repay you to help regain some of your money then simply ask for it and its yours.....

You guys are brutal-

A mistake you are paying for dearly? - you are not out of pocket at all, in fact you have someone else's hard earned $ in your back pocket.

Your financial situation is your responsibility - selling items to fellow forum members that are not described correctly is criminal IMO. You knew that if you listed the wheels as milled no one would buy can't forget a major detail like that on an advert.....selective memory comes to mind.

There is no way the rings just vanished into thin air - you either forgot to put them in the package, you lost them before packing or they were damaged/broken -say what you want but i call - BS

If you are in bad debt and health then i am genuinely sorry to hear that....but that does not give you the right to fleece other forum members for their cash, people on this forum are not here to be scammed whenever you are in need of cash....... why are you still driving around in an M3 when you cannot even afford to refund the OP his cash? Be a man and sell your car, pay the OP his money back and use the rest for your medical bills.

People on here are 'brutal'? - you have got away lightly in my humble opinion and the OP has the patience of a saint.

What is almost as bad as all of the above is the self pitying posts you keep writing hoping for the sympathy vote -pathetic.

Pay Don his money back in full using whatever means you have to, if you have not got the honour and self pride to do that then at least hang your head in shame and leave the forum.