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"master of the side grill here?, (not asking about DIY)

so... to those people who have removed the side grills!!

when you take off the side grilsl, you get those electrical wirings(2) form 1 (comes from the car), that attaches to the side grill. so.... here's the question, what happens IF you connect them opposite?

meaning, 1 (car wire) connects to 2 (side grill) and 2 (car wire) connects to 1 (side grill), instead of 1 connects to 1 and 2 connects to 2, which is normal.

would the light even come up when you turn on the blinker? or would it blink and then the electrics die out after couple days?

i'm sorry if i explained it hard. this matter is important to me so i'd be really appreciated if you guys would leave replies.