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1500+ E36 M3 Gauges for Sale: ANY PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY

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Asking Price:
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Note to Mods: Please do not delete: This is NOT a commercial post. I spent alot of my own $$$ to take care of the members here and on another forum that were taken advantage of. These are not being sold in an attempt to profit off of anyone, I would just like to sell them for somewhere close to cost. If Doing the right thing means I lose a little bit of my own money, I will be ok with it. There is a bigger picture to all of this. ANY Net profit that is left over from this will be donated to a non profit organization. (Was thinking Make a Wish, but open to suggestions) :thumbsup2:

(Send me a PM with an offer for all 1500 UNITS) I will work with you to figure out a price that will cover enough of my costs, and will allow you to have plenty of room to sell for a solid profit. I truly want to try and help someone out as much as I can, which is why I'm willing to take offers and work with you on pricing.

Cliff's Notes on what this is all about:
1. A vendor on the forums, took a bunch of people's $$$, placed an order with the manufacturer, then took off with the money from customers, and never paid the vendor who produced all of the units, DIY instructions, etc.

2. Even though I had nothing to do with this vendor, or their shenanigans, I ran into the manufacturer (who I know locally). He told me what happened, and I decided that I would use my own funds, and try to make this whole thing right, to the hundreds of people that were taken advantage of.
So I personally gave everyone that got scammed, a free set of gauges (I absorbed 100% of the cost, and tried to do something right by the enthusiasts, rather then just letting someone take advantage of the members)

3. I don't have time with two jobs to manage the orders or requests that I keep getting for these. This is an easy, quick way to make money. I am willing to sell these to someone at a VERY low price, so that they can make plenty of money.


PM Me an offer for the remaining 1500 units, I will consider all offers, and will do my best to work with you. I AM NOT SELLING THESE WITH THE INTENT TO PROFIT.


I have the following types of gauges:
- E36 (All 6 cylinder Non M3),
- E36 M3
- E36 (W/e46 Alternating dots instead of hash marks)

Professional Installation Instructions:
-Digital .docx format
- Fully Editable
- Can be easily custom branded with your logo
- Professionally Built by Manufacturer
- Includes Step by Step DIY with supporting installation photos

- Bulk Packed for Easy Storage
- All 1500 unit storage will fit on just one side of a standard apartment clothes closet (approximately 4'W x 2'H)
- Easy Storage = Low Shipping Costs/Easy Packaging/Handling

So I'm going to be selling the rest of the inventory (1500 units total). If anyone is interested in making some money, PM me, I took care of everyone that got scammed and my real life job is really busy right now, and I just don't have time to manage the orders that are still coming in. If you are interested, PM ME, I will negotiate on price with you so that you have plenty of room to make profit from them, I just need to clear up some space in my spare room, and put some cash back in my savings account before my wife notices

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me nice notes via PM and email, it makes it all worth it to see people get excited over something that the forum has helped make right, and seeing how much everyone has gotten behind this. We have given hundreds of gauges away so far to date.

Here are some pictures. These don't come with the huge gauge rings, its the faceplate only. Original Cluster, no custom plate

After Face Install

*4 watt bulb upgrade recommended as shown. Can provide wholesale contact for discounted pricing, and possible upsell possibility.