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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
yes that is the one, i know it shows no warranty, that would be the only part i believe. when i bought mine though it had a 2 year warranty on racing products they have since taken it off. i would have gotten it anyway just bc of how they have treated me when stuff was out of warranty i know they would help in the event something happened

but to each there own, i am sure the dinan haters who have never owned anything from them will chime in soon and say how they will ditch you and this and that. just bs but everyone has there own op
Thanks again. I am sure there has to be some warranty (just re-read it and for sure they only warrant workmanship - basic issue of emmissions) but what I was wrestling with was whether it was legal to drive with it? In Canada with have similar laws as in California, as such, they are very hard on offenders if they are caught. Normally BMW and such DINAN by association would not install or sell products that would not pass for street use unless I would expect a waiver would have to be signed.

Are you able to tell me if this is an issue for you or did the mid pipe exhaust in fact pass for street use? For me, I would go for the mid pipe for sure with the stated HP gains on the mid pipe versus the Free Flow is substantial with the mid pipe rated at 23 HP gain and the Free Flow is rated at 6 HP gain. No comparison. The fact is I would and I am having a hard time justifying $2400 for 6 HP and a little nicer sounding exhaust.