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Originally Posted by radix View Post
I wonder when Apple is going to bridge the gap between the iPhone and the iPad. Just think of the possibilities.
Ala X1, X3, X5, X6?

Here's the ingenius bit - they've turned their functional limits into assets, by turning these devices into appliances rather than pcs. The reason most people have a toaster or microwave or George Foreman grill is you don't always need the heavy equipment for a simple snack.

Same with the iPad - you don't always need the full magilla of a pc when you're traveling, so this gives you some of the key functions without needing to haul a laptop around. In trade, you get longer battery life and lighter weight, same as your toaster is smaller and uses less power.

See it for what it is - a great toaster, 4 slices, does bagels and thick breads, numerous settings, looks great on your counter - and you'll appreciate it. Try to use it as an oven, and you're asking for frustration.

They're making far greater in-roads with these devices than they ever have in the pc market (where they're 6%).