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Originally Posted by Eclipsis View Post
This is not a matter of opinion. It's a matter of fact that I've seen before my eyes. Yes Marshall, I have used the Magic Eraser. I've reconditioned (sanded and redyed) at least five interiors that each customer tried to fix with a Magic Eraser. It's the same story each time: the ME worked several times before the leather's top coat gave way. I tested a ME several years ago on a E36 junker's driver's seat and I reproduced the same defect my customer's brought to me: worn down leather.

Do I think I could fix the steering wheel cleaner you linked to with just a water-based cleaner and a sponge? Of course not, and I never said I could. I would tell the customer two things: use the ME once and only once, or get a redye. The only time I'd recommend using the ME is when you have a severely damaged leather product that is steps away from needing a redye.

When you say you didn't see any Fox Red dye on your eraser, well no joke. Our seats have a top coat just like how our exterior paint has a clear top coat to protect the base coat (in the case of leather, dye). A gentle enough brush like the Swissvax Leather Brush will not abrade the top coat enough to cause damage unless you apply tremendous pressure. It will however exfoliate the leather's pores with GENTLE agitation. A sponge isn't capable of proper exfoliation, which is why your use of Leather Master failed. Don't blame the product for your failure to use it properly.

In typical you fashion you'll fight to the death over an opinion you have, no matter what kind of evidence you're faced with. When you bolded the "calling ME sandpaper" part of your response, you couldn't be any more incorrect. ME is the equivalent of 1500 grit sandpaper in my experience, and the "very fine sandpaper" description is on Melanine Foam's Wikipedia page and any other legitimate site that talks about it.
This is good further evidence of your claims. Perhaps very regular or repeated use of this product is not a good idea. I'm not about fighting to the death when presented with clear factual evidence. Much as it seems you are trying to do, I am about facts, evidence and helping people understand things better.

I'm curious about this idea of a "top coat" on leather. It does seem plausible that the Magic Eraser has removed some top coat. What is the top coat, is it leather, is it a layer of leather impregnated with conditioner, is it something else?

What has been particularly disappointing to me in regards to the Leather Master product is that it was supplied with specific sponges also referenced by the instructions on the bottle. A "product" is often a combination of products and in this case it seems the only successful (and sustainable) removal of this shiny leather phenomena is both a gentle water based leather approved cleaner PLUS a very specific brush. In other word my blaming of product is absolutely fair and justified. If the kit as sold doesn't work without a special brush that should be amply noted with the product.

The next time I have this build up I will hapily, as per your advice, try the Swissvax Leather Brush plus Leather Master cleaner and report back.

Based on your advice I am also going to modify my post title as I certainly don't want to be guilty of contributing to folks damaging their leather.

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