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Originally Posted by aus View Post
His point is they both cost about the same, but the VOLKS seem to weigh less and are VIA/JWL certified and come from one of the top wheel foundry's in the World. At least that's what I think his point was.

Originally Posted by TUNEDM3 View Post
They can be ordered with 18x9.5 22et. which is just about perfect for the e9x
i dont think so ... but if it's true ... i'm in for some SL's (handled the 18x9.5 @ WSTO booth @ Bimmerfest) = VERY lightweight.

To be honest, the CCW C14 is a better 'looking' wheel + u can order in any finish & offset = congrats to anyone w these.
However, ima go on a serious diet (possibly gonna strip my M) .... so every pound counts & I will obviously be sacrificing looks & comfort to get this car as close to (if not better then) GT4 as possible.