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WOW! Incredible! Its 1:30am where I am just about to pass out and took a peek on the blogs and just had to quickly flip through the pictures after reading the European Delivery in the title, to tired to read, plan to read what you wrote later on but from the pictures alone, looks like you went on an incredible journey! I ordered a new 335is which should be arriving mid June but could not get away for the European delivery, I envy you lol. If I ever buy an M car (probably my next bimmer) I will no doubt opt for European delivery, driving through rural Bavaria, the autobahn, the German countryside, even the ambiance of Europe alone in a BMW (an M car no less) is pure heaven. Again pictures look incredible, look forward to reading about your journey. If only more bimmer fans documented this kinda stuff and shared it with the rest of the BMW clan. Mark.... you are a lucky SOB lol!