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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
...I haven't looked at the tires since the track day to see how much wear they took, or whether it's even, but I'll report back later today or tomorrow.
So, now I have inspected the tires, and I'm impressed:


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Needless to say, the stock 19" PS2's stood up very well. There is no evidence of the usual outer shoulder wear at the front or the rear. In fact the wear across both the front and rear tires was quite even. Also, they didn't wear nearly as much as I'd expected they had, given I was working on keeping up with a couple of GT3's. I didn't push really hard, but I was maintaining better pace than I used to on my r-comps.

It looks like getting the suspension tuned is good for your tires.

UPDATE: Here's a quote from Page 17 of the Penske damper manual that talks a bit about tire wear:

"Rebound adjustments are usually indicated by the driver asking for more stability. By increasing low speed damping, stability will be enhanced; decreasing damping will allow more movement in the car, but will result in a little better tire wear."

The front and rear tires are clearly wearing nicely with the relatively soft rebound settings I adopted. I didn't feel the car was unstable (exactly the reverse, actually) but I didn't run much over about 110MPH either.

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