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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
Nice write up. So you feel the 514#/800# combo is pretty neutral?

Also the Penske manual is pretty helpful as well, though perhaps a little too detailed.
Thanks for the link to the Penske manual - it'll take some digesting!

The KW Clubsport 514/800 spring rates translate to about 475/260 at the wheels. With that much forward bias and the narrower front tires (I was on factory 19" 245/265 PS2's instead of my r-comps) I expected a level of understeer that I simply didn't experience. What I experienced was that the front end was solid and planted and I could drive it anywhere I wanted without it even threatening to wash out.

What was really surprising was that the PS2's drove like r-comps with the suspension set up right. They didn't get even a little bit greasy and the grip was remarkable. They didn't build up as much heat as they usually do either.

I haven't looked at the tires since the track day to see how much wear they took, or whether it's even, but I'll report back later today or tomorrow.