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Originally Posted by dawgdog View Post
Thanks for the writeup JJ. Do you leave the same settings for the street? How is it on the steet? I was at the track today and would love to be able to rocket out of corners. My problem is probably more my driving than the suspension but still...
Other than driving home from the track, the car's been parked all week, so I'm not sure how it will feel when I head out this morning. My intent is to adjust the front camber to a lower setting for daily driving, but leave the dampers alone. Given how much softer it is now than it was with the "KW recommended" settings, I'm thinking it will be fine. I'll post later today after I've done some running around.

By the way, adjusting the front camber is a ten minute job provided you get both front wheels off the ground at the same time. Lifting both sides together leaves the suspension slack and you can move the camber plates with just a gentle push. The same thing is true of ride height, although I'm not likely to change it very much or very often. If you try to adjust with one front wheel on the ground and the other wheel jacked up, the sway bar transfers suspension load from the side still on the ground to the lifted side and nothing will move very easily.