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Originally Posted by Ironring Racing View Post
The interior Carbon work is great, nice seats and roll cage.

Iím not normally a negative poster, but since you set this up as a mega project, I guess Iím more critical of it than other private mods.

From the start, all that work just to get a factory color? Why not a custom color? Personal choice, and impatient customer I guess.

So you basically killed all cooling to the driverís side front brake by blocking most of the duct with the air intake filter, thatíll be great on the track.

Why didnít you install the roll bar before painting, to make certain the color was an exact match? Could have been a timing issue I guess.

If the Ericsson doors take 8 weeks to make and import and you got them in 2, were they the demo set?

Itís an auto!?! Again, personal customer choice I guess.

If you wanted oil and water temps, why didnít you install the BMW Performance LED wheel (the only manufacturer that I know of other than Ferrari that offers a wheel with rev indicators) which already has oil and water temp display, rather than the completely non-stock looking Stack gauges?

So at the end of the day, from the outside itís a factory color, with bolt on wheels/brakes/exhaust/coilovers.......

And this is supposed to compete with Enzo Ferrariís personal legacy? Fail.

Sorry, mostly nice mod job, but with the above as your target, and unlimited budget, not feeling it.

I know time was an issue, but no engine mods other than a bolt on supercharger/exhaust, or did you just not list them?

P.S. Opening line: ďHumanity has been obsessed with time since the dawn of history.Ē History by definition is recorded events in time. So, in other words, weíve been obsessed with time since the dawn of time. lol

Again, interior work is great. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, and/or hyper critical. Not my car, not my project. And if he's got all the $ in the world and doesn't car, all the better.

In my mind when you're building a full tear down, exclusive project, the possibility of a stock car rolling up beside with a few bolt on mods and from the outside looking EXACTLY the same, should be zero.

Someone definitely forgot to take his meds!
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