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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Hey John, hope the rest of your stay was good and enjoy your car when it gets home. Any idea if it its on a boat yet???. Oh and I hope you don't mind, took off our last names from the list.

Le'me know when it gets in, curious to see how long it'll be.

Take care and good meeting you - Mark
Nice meeting you too Mark.

Actually I noticed that and I don't mind at all. Thanks for doing that.

Your SA will know. She told me the 26th it's going on the boat. I live in NJ, and the dock is in NJ as well. So my time might be shorter than yours after the boat. I heard 1-2 weeks at the Prep Center. Then your dealership. So figure 2-4 weeks after Day 1 on the boat.

Good luck.