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Just took my M3 in for 1200 mile first service. Wow, I have never had such a negative experience in terms of customer service and general atmosphere.

First, I want to say that my Service Consultant, Sam, was just fine. Great guy. But everything else about the experience was horrendous.

1) When I arrived, I got out of my car to the sound of two employees literally yelling at each other about who was a fault about some customer complaint. It was embarrassing. Felt really weird.

2) Then the next thing I heard was 2 customers losing their tempers at some employee because they both had been waiting over 30 minutes for their service appointments. Both were asking why they made appointments if they are not able to keep the times.

3) After handing my car over to the service consultant, I was led to the area for shuttle service back to my office. I made reservations 2 weeks ahead and included a note that I needed a shuttle. I waited 50 minutes!!!! Finally I complained enough and they got another employee to drive me the 4 miles to work. Heck, I should have walked!

4) While waiting my 50 minutes for the shuttle ride, I asked to have the BMW Assist transferred to my name as I had just bought the car from another individual (who had bought it from that dealership). The guy who helped me was extremely rude and scolded me several times for taking his time. I asked if this was something I can do myself, and he said no, the dealer must do it, but he said he was not making any money off of this.

5) When I came back to pick up my car, I had to wait about 20 minutes for them to bring my car around. I went to buy some car mats while waiting, and it was probably just as well that they took 20 minutes to get my car, because I waited 15 minutes for someone to help me and sell me the car mats.

Wow, I love my M3, but I really hate the dealer it came from. Anyone know of a decent BMW service provider in the south bay?
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