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Arrow Dyno 2010 GT3 (Stock + Akrapovic Race + Evoms custom gas tune)

Yesterday, the guys at AWD, here in Coral Springs FL, spent the better part of the day until 11 PM dyno tunning my 2010 GT3 together with Evoms, which already had the Akrapovic race exhaust system. You know a shop is excellent, when they dont mind working almost till midnight to get things done. Many thanks to Mike@AWD Motorsports and Evoms.

I had previously done a baseline (RED), and later a run with the Akrapovic Race exhaust system (GREEN), at AWD Motorsports, to really be able to compare each successive mod done. The (BLUE) run is the custom Evoms tune/race gas run together with the Akrapovic race system.

I'm very pleased with this combo set up. The Akrapovic race system, alone, made huge gains at 4.3K and 5.8K rpms, and well as consistent gains throughout the power band above 3.7K rpms. And the custom tune/race gas, made consistent gains everywhere, improved better lower rpm power and torque delivery from the 3.7K to 3.2K rpm. The custom tune/gas alone, showed an average of 12 to 15 whp gains through out the rpm band and I really like the fact the the tune's peak gains are from 6K-8.5K rpm, 20 whp and 15 wtq.

The exhaust/tune/race gas combo shows an average of 32 whp and 24 wtq gains from 5.5K rpm to the redline at 8.5K rpm! :jumper: And about the same from 3.8K rpm all the way up!

All runs are SAE corrected on the same Dynojet. Attached are each runs, conditions. If you noticed, each run, after every mod was done at worse and worse weather conditions. The dyno results from yesterday was dont a 95 degrees .... More custom tunning will be done in a couple of weeks, and the Mk2 RS intake will be added together with a little something else

Going to PBIR tomorrow for "testing" According to 2 shops down here, the car weights 2,965-2975 lbs with half tank of gas, not bad with 423 max whp and 311 max wtq