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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
As far as I know, BMW never flashes -- and BMW techs don't even have the capability to flash -- cars back to the original factory software that came with the car. Whenever a car needs programming for any module (even for angle-eye updates), it gets all of the updates -- regardless of why the car is in for service or not. If a car does not need programming, then nothing is programmed. There are many -- probably at least 10 different ECU updates for the E9x thus far. The latest one contains a write-only operating system. It can be written, but it cannot be read. Tuners need to read the tune in order to modify it. If the software cannot be read, then it cannot be modified. At least -- that's what BMW is hoping for. But a few tuners use much more sophisticated tools when performing ECU tuning. They are still capable of modifying these newer "locked" ECU's.
Ok. So, the dealer just has the latest program, whether that is the "original" or not. They don't check what is there, just overwrite whatever it is with whatever they have.

My last sentence was meant to say: where do you get such information. I'm guessing you guys out there on the west coast have access to more knowledgeable people about these things.


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