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My car! The guys at EAS did a great job and I'll be back for some more work in a week or two including the front Park Distance Control retrofit. I appreciate the kind words on the interior. It took a lot of BS to order and get approved. The thing that surprised me was the leather dash. All of the Platinum on the dash except a couple of plastic inserts is leather as well. You can see the stitching in a few areas. That was a nice touch by BMW.

Most guys like racy / sporty looking interiors on the M3. I'm not a big fan. I was shooting for a classy, 7 Series look on the inside and I think it worked. Platinum / Piano is kind of a 7 Series combo.

I have a ton of pics of the interior that I took myself and will post everything this weekend on the thread I started for the car a week or so ago here:

A few guys asked about the seatbelt chime. The issue is not the driver's seat, it's mainly the passenger's seat. The seat occupancy sensors are sensitive and I usually have a bag with me with my laptop etc... that I put on the seat. That's enough to set it off and I definitely don't want to strap in my bag with a seatbelt :-). It's a clean solution.

Before I got the car, I wasn't sure about the wheels either. I thought I wanted to trade them for Style 220's. No way. In person they're sick. They look aggressive but not over the top - perfect. Wheels are a subjective thing, but I think BMW nailed it with these. For those thinking about ZCP, if you're on the fence, do it.

Thanks to Tom and the crew at EAS for some nice work - more to come. The photography is clean, much better than mine. See everyone at Bimmerfest.