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"its baby blue m3 to you sir."

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i want to start by saying thank you everyone for giving me your two cents.

a couple of things has happened to the car. my traction control is off, dynamic driving control is off, dynamic breaking is off. due to a couple of "Bad speed Sensors" claimed my dealer. i have a feeling maybe the car was flashed back to normal? im not here to blame anyone, but just to grab info and out put from everyone if possible, so please dont feel like im calling anyone out on this.

RPI is reputable no doubt, i have no problem with the products.
RPIpower has mentioned many great points i would like to look into. i did call RPI at around 5 pacific time but no one answered so couldnt ask anyone so first things first i posted right here on the forums.

I have always assumed the E9x m3s to carry about 320+ no lower (havnt seen any factory dyno this low). Maybe there has been dyno's lower than 320 i just missed it on my way =D. i did look through Pencil geeks dyno list, i also tried posting my sheet on there too didnt really work out..

I am going back to the same dynojet with 100/91 octane at 1:3 ratio. should probably be right around 94 or so. But if anyone else think theres pobably nothing wrong and the car is just in a bad place to dyno, or the shop that dynoed the vehicle wasnt fit for the job, i dont doubt that at all. i will keep everyone posted, and i appreciate everyones input!! makes me feel more at ease lol.